Worker’s Compensation

Worker’s Compensation

If you were injured on the job you may be entitled to free medical treatment through your employer’s workers’ compensation program. Some occupations and industries are more inherently dangerous than others, but anyone from a factory worker to an office worker to a delivery driver has the potential to be injured at work. Workers’ compensation also applies to repetitive motion injuries caused by such things as typing.

When a worker is injured, they are entitled to medical care through their employer’s workers’ compensation benefits. If the worker is temporarily or permanently disabled, as determined by their doctors, they may be entitled to additional compensation for their temporary or permanent disability.

Please note that an injured worker only has 30 days to report the claim to their employer, and a two-year period in which to file their claim. Contact a lawyer promptly to avoid missing the time period to make your claim!

Although there are many situations where an injured worker is prohibited from suing their employer for their employer’s own negligence, many times there is a third-party that caused the negligence such that the injured worker can still make a negligence claim in addition to a workers’ compensation claim. The attorneys at Warner & Fitzmartin can help injured workers review the facts of their on-the-job injury to determine if there is an additional avenue of recovery against a third party for their negligence.

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