Water Damage Insurance Claims

Water Damage Insurance Claims

If you own a property or business that has experienced water damage, the road ahead can be daunting. Water damage can sometimes result in partial or full loss of use for a home or building. Many insurance policies in Florida contain hidden policy language, endorsements, exclusions, and monetary caps on the amount you can recover to repair damage caused by water. Water damage insurance claims must be carefully filed with an understanding of the coverage and provisions in your insurance policy.

Water damage can occur from accidental breaks in plumbing pipe lines, damaged roofs, flood, water heaters, air conditioning systems, fish tanks, kitchens and bathrooms. Often times water damage must be addressed in a timely manner to avoid further damage, complications, and even potential health risks. Mold can grow fast and run rampant through a property. There may be hidden dangers due to the source of a water leak. In addition to physical property damage, policyholders may incur other expenses due to water damage, including additional living expenses like temporary housing, hotel stays, food costs, laundry expenses and the replacement of personal property items such as furniture, clothing, electronics and appliances.

Documenting and collecting evidence to identify all of the damage and estimates to repair or replace damaged property is extremely important to support your insurance claim. Preparing a yearly inventory of your personal property in addition to keeping receipts and accurate records can speed your recovery and help you purchase the proper amount of insurance coverage. Following these important steps after noticing water damage can make all the difference with your claim:

Document the damages with photographs and videos.
Mitigate the damages and call licensed professionals help is needed.
Have your complete insurance policy available at all times. Being aware of the deductibles, coverages, endorsements, and other details of your policy can help you avoid delay and confusion.
Identify the source of the problem, how to fix it, and obtain estimates for repairs. Contact licensed professionals to conduct any inspections that may be needed to substantiate the cause of the damages being claimed.

If your home or business recently suffered water damage, contact the lawyers at Warner & Fitzmartin for a free legal consultation and insurance policy review.

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