Insurance Pitfalls: Why Your First Call After a Car Accident Should Be to an Attorney

When you speak to an insurance company after an automobile accident

Whether you were a driver, passenger, or witness to an automobile accident, it’s very common for insurance companies to contact you and request that they obtain a recorded statement. The chances of an insurance company requesting a recorded statement usually increase where the accident involves disputed liability or significant injuries and vehicle damage. It’s important to know that the first contact with an insurance company after an accident can sometimes cause irreparable damage to your claim that could cost you thousands of dollars. 

Why you should speak with an attorney first, before calling any insurance company

While you have a duty to cooperate with your insurance company and speak to them after an accident, there are several reasons it can be important to speak with an attorney first. Many insurance companies take advantage of favorable state laws that allow them to cancel your insurance policy for a variety of different reasons. They will use the recorded statement to ask you questions about your past and topics unrelated to the accident that they might be able to use to terminate your insurance coverage. 

While you may be required to discuss the accident and other topics with your insurance company, you are under NO obligation to provide any recorded statement or examination under oath to the other insurance companies following a car accident. The insurance companies have trained employees who follow scripts in attempts to twist your words and lock you into statements quickly after an accident. Some insurance companies also use a tactic some refer to as “Swoop and Settle” where an insurance company adjuster will attempt to have you sign a settlement release for a low amount quickly after an accident. Many unexpecting Floridians have fallen victim to this scam before they could appreciate the severity of their injuries and without understanding the complicated nuances involved with medical bills and health insurance issues. Don’t get caught off guard!

Examples where Florida insurance companies have terminated policies due to things completely unrelated to the accident include prior work for Uber, Lyft, and food delivery services no matter how brief, failing to update living and garaging addresses, and careless errors by insurance agents who enter wrong information on insurance applications. When applying for new automobile insurance in Florida, keep accurate records and it may be wise to put in writing the insurance coverage you’re requesting to purchase. Make sure to speak with your insurance agent while applying for automobile insurance to make sure you have the right coverage suited to your needs to protect yourself and your family. The attorneys at Warner & Fitzmartin will gladly discuss the importance of verifying that you have the right insurance coverage and will guide you through the entire claims process after an accident to make sure you receive the insurance payments that you deserve. 


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