Hurricane & Weather Damage Insurance Claims

Hurricane, Windstorm, Lightning, Tornado

As a homeowner in Florida, your property is susceptible to damage from hurricanes, windstorm, lightning strikes and hail. Damage from any of these types of weather events can cause both immediate and long term effects, which sometimes may not become noticeable until after the storm. Many insurance policies in Florida are legally obligated to compensate you if the damage is covered under your policy. Typically, these types of covered claims require a sudden and accidental loss or an opening created in your home from the hurricane or windstorm.

If you have a homeowner’s or commercial policy and have suffered hurricane, windstorm, lightning or hail damage, it’s imperative that you act promptly to gather the evidence and information needed to support your claim. The attorneys at Warner & Fitzmartin are readily available to assist insureds after a loss to help policyholders like yourself receive proper payments and hold their insurance company accountable.

Following these important steps after a hurricane or major weather event can make all the difference with your claim:

  • Document the damages with photographs and videos.
  • Make temporary repairs to prevent your property from sustaining further damage.
  • Have your complete insurance policy available at all times. Being aware of the deductibles, coverages, endorsements, and other details of your policy can help you avoid delay and confusion.
  • Contacting professionals to help document and prevent further damage, obtain estimates for repairs, and conduct any inspections that may be needed to substantiate the cause of the damages being claimed.

If your home or business recently suffered water damage, contact the lawyers at Warner & Fitzmartin for a free legal consultation and insurance policy review.

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