How to Win an Express Lane Accident Lawsuit in Florida

Florida’s express lanes help reduce commute times and spread out congested traffic. However, they can also be the locations of serious accidents. 

If you were involved in an express lane accident and are seeking compensation through a lawsuit, you must approach your case strategically to improve your chances of success. Review the following tips on winning an express lane accident lawsuit. Then, consult a Florida car accident attorney for guidance and support throughout your case. 

Hire a Qualified Florida Car Accident Attorney 

An experienced Florida car accident lawyer can guide you through your lawsuit and collect evidence to support your case. They can speak with the insurance company and all other parties on your behalf and represent you in court. Ultimately, they can help you secure adequate compensation to cover all your economic and non-economic damages from the accident. 

Seek a Full Medical Evaluation 

Even if you feel OK in the days after your car accident in Florida, you should seek a complete medical evaluation. Car crashes often leave victims with heightened adrenaline, which causes them to overlook serious injuries. Instead, seeking immediate medical treatment can prevent you from overlooking issues that require fast treatment. 

Your medical provider will also give you detailed records and documentation that are incredibly helpful in car accident claims and lawsuits. You’ll be able to connect your injuries to the accident. 

Avoid Talking to the Insurance Company or Defendant Without Legal Representation

During the discovery phase of your lawsuit, both sides will take time to collect evidence showing the other party is at fault. This stage is crucial to your accident lawsuit, and you must avoid doing anything to compromise your case during this time. 

If you say the wrong thing to the insurance adjuster or defendant during the discovery phase of your lawsuit, you risk reducing your payout or compromising your express lane accident case. Instead, wait until you have a lawyer present to speak to the insurance adjuster. If you must speak to them without a lawyer, keep your answers short and avoid unnecessary details. 

Don’t Accept the First Settlement Offer

If the insurance company or defendant offers a settlement during your lawsuit, you may feel you have “won” your case. However, settlement offers aren’t always sufficient. Don’t be tempted by the offer; consult your attorney and carefully consider any offer before accepting it. 

Many Florida car accident attorneys will advise you to provide a counteroffer to increase your settlement amount. Rely on your attorney to help you walk away with an acceptable offer and avoid falling for a payout that won’t cover all your damages. 

Warner & Fitzmartin: Your Experienced Florida Car Accident Attorneys

Have you recently been involved in an express lane accident in Florida? Our attorneys at Warner & Fitzmartin have the skills and experience to help you navigate your case. 

We recently represented a client involved in an express lane accident on I-95 in South Florida. The defendant illegally crossed the express lane poles, striking our client’s vehicle. However, the defendant’s insurance company didn’t see it that way. 

We collected extensive evidence and photos from the defendant that allowed us to pinpoint the accident’s location. Express lane records showed that our client had legally used the express lane while the defendant had not. With this evidence, we secured a six-figure settlement for our client, avoiding a jury trial. 

If you have been involved in a similar express lane dispute or any other type of car accident in Florida, we’d be happy to investigate your case. Call us at (561) 816-5983 for a free case evaluation with a Florida car accident attorney. 

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